Canon 400mm F2.8L IS III and 600mm F4L IS III are lighter than predecessors

Amid its full-frame mirrorless announcements, Canon has also made room for some L-series lens updates. Canon has focused on reducing weight and so its EF 400mm F2.8L IS III USM and EF 600mm F4L IS III USM both lay claim to the title of "world's lightest" in their respective focal lengths. The 400mm F2.8 has shed 1kg / 2.2lb and the 600mm F4 is 0.86kg / 1.9lb lighter. Both lenses feature advanced coatings, improved image stabilization and circular nine-blade apertures.

The Canon EF 400mm F2.8L IS III USM will sell for $12,000 and the Canon EF 600mm F4L IS III USM is priced at $13,000. Both lenses will ship in December 2018.

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